AchtNullAcht Analog RYTM Drum Kit


Based on the TR-808 Simulation AchtNullAcht for Ableton Live, a version for Elektron’s Analog RYTM is now available.


The TR-808 has a soul of its own due to its analog design … The sound of each TR-808 has its own character and with every trigger the drum modules create a variable sound. The unstable timing provides a unique groove.


AchtNullAcht for RYTM simulates these characteristics.


The TR-808’s OpenHihat, for example, has the Decay parameter. During the recording process, the parameters of this drum module were set in all possible combinations, with 11 scale steps per parameter. Per setting 9 repetitions were recorded. So the AchtNullAcht Drum Kit e.g. consists of 99 OpenHihat samples, which are triggered randomly in the background (Random Cycle) to imitate the analog character.


The AchtNullAcht sample package consists of 780 samples and 12 projects.


BassDrum, SnareDrum, CYmbal:

  • 9 random cycle samples per parameter setting:
    • BassDrum: Tone
    • SnareDrum: Tone
    • CYmbal: Tone


LowTom, LowConga, MidTom, MidConga, HiTom, HiConga, OpenHihat:

  • 9 random cycle samples per parameter setting:
    • LT, LC, MT, MC, HT, HC: Tuning
    • OH: Decay


CLaves, RimShot, MAracas, handClaP, CowBell, ClsdHihat:

  • 9 random cycle samples
Recording Equipment

Clock Generator: Sequentix Cirklon
Amping: ADT Toolmix 8 Summing Mixer
Analog to Digital Conversion: Mytek ADDA 8×192 (Mastering Grade Conversion)
Recording Resolution: 16 Bit-48 kHz


During the recording process the original character of the TR-808 was taken into account during sampling:
– unstable timing
– variable sound characteristics
– volume balance of all drum modules

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