AchtNullAcht Ableton Drum Kit


In 1982, Roland introduced the legendary Rhythm Composer… TR-808.


The TR-808 developed from then on to one of the most famous drum machines in our universe. The sound is timeless and will be heard in productions for light years.


Due to the analogue structure, the TR-808 has its own soul … The sound of each TR-808 has its own character and with each trigger the drum modules produce a variable sound. The unstable timing ensures a unique groove.


The AchtNullAcht Drum Kit for Ableton Live is the first sample library which simulates these features. The BassDrum of the TR-808 e.g. has two parameters (Tone & Decay). During the recording process, the parameters of this drum module were set in all possible combinations, with 11 scale steps per parameter this results in a total of 121 combinations. For each setting 12 repetitions were recorded. The BassDrum module of the AchtNullAcht Drum Rack consists of up to 1452 samples, which are randomly triggered in the background (Random Cycle) to simulate the analog character.


The AchtNullAcht Sample package consists of 5376 Samples, 16 drum racks, 11 racks per drum module and 5 complete racks with a different number of random cycles for adjusting the CPU load of your computer.


– Ableton Live Random Cycle Drum Kit compatible with Live Lite, Live Standard, Live Suite (9.7. or higher)
– 5376 Multisamples


BassDrum, SnareDrum, CYmbal:

  • up to 12 Random Cycle Samples per Parameter Setting (121 Settings in total means 1452 Samples per Drum Sound):
    • BassDrum: Tone, Decay
    • SnareDrum: Tone, Snappy
    • CYmbal: Tone, Decay


LowTom, LowConga, MidTom, MidConga, HiTom, HiConga, OpenHihat:

  • up to 12 Random Cycle Samples per Parameter Setting (11 Settings means 132 Samples per Drum Sound):
    • LT, LC, MT, MC, HT, HC: Tuning
    • OH: Decay


CLaves, RimShot, MAracas, handClaP, CowBell, ClsdHihat:

  • 16 Random Cycle Samples


Recording Equipment

Clock Generator: Sequentix Cirklon
Amping: ADT Toolmix 8 Summing Mixer (Calibrated Gain Station before AD Conversion)
Analog to Digital Conversion: Mytek ADDA 8×192 (Mastering Grade Conversion)
Recording DAW: Cubase 9.5 (24 Bit-88,1 kHz)


While the Recording Process we took care about sampling the original character of the TR-808:
– inconstant timing
– inconstant sonic characteristics
– Level Balance of all Drum Modules

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